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Changes for 2015

During 2014 we continued our regular updating of equipment both inside and outside the gites.  The patio chairs, table and BBQ for La Colombe were replaced to be the same durable and high quality of Le Pluvier and Le Grebe.  During the winter and spring of 2014/15 we are planting a tree in the garden of each gite which is specifically to provide more shade within the garden as it grows and matures.  Additionally we are planting cotoneaster hedging along the sides of all the gite gardens to further improve the ambiance and privacy of the gardens.

See More Photos

We are constantly updating our photos on our photo stream on Flickr.  Please use the link on our Home page to access more photos of Les Petites Cigognes, places to visit, places to eat and other things to do.

Private Vineyard Tours Now Offered!
We are proud to announcement that, in partnership with the wine
shop Le Dit-Vin in Descartes, we can now offer guests private
vineyard tours along with the wine tastings that have been so
popular. No matter whether you prefer white wine, red wine,
or simply love both, we can design a tour of regional vineyards
to suit your taste. Tours are by appointment only. For more
information, please contact Sandra and Ian via e-mail or
by phoning   +33 (0) 2 47 59 54 99.

Le Nouveau Bulletin
Many of our guests have asked to be kept up-to-date with

developments at Les Petites Cigognes, so we publish our news-

letter Le Nouveau Bulletin annually.

Garden Update

Over the last couple of years we have been developing the gardens

and area behind the gites.  All the gites now have new patios and

new flower beds; the area around the pool has been planted with

shrubs and hedging which are now firmly establishing themselves.

Altogether we have now planted 220 trees in 'The Triangle' field in

the last 3 years, with another 30 being planted during the spring of 2015. 

This has included hazel for coppicing, as well as blackthorn, acer and hornbeam.  Despite the severe winters, droughts and torrential rain

of the last few years, most of these saplings have survived.  The

woodland is at last beginning to look a bit more than a few sticks in

the ground!



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